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Raffaele Muscas, the artist

Raffaele Muscas, the artist
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The labels are pictorial works by Raffaele Muscas

Raffaele Muscas

The boundary between canvas and world is unstable. The hand traces granite figures barely held back by the canvas. One’s gaze is lost among the soft roughness of the “launeddas” (pipe) player while the ear perceives its archaic melody. It is not artifice, there is no deceit. The eye follows the mighty lines of “i musici”, reads the music sheet drawn by the brush. The music is there, enclosed in a gesture, in a brush stroke. Muscas’ work has the gift of chorality, exalts the senses and the imaginary. There is no face in the work “modella in abito rosso”! (” model in red dress”), nor body, other than the one traced by the robe. Yet you can feel all the sinuousness, even the last greeting before slipping behind the scenes. Not even the clouds of “città di pietra” (“stone cities”) can dampen the microcosm of everyday life, voices and scents that filter through a window ajar. In this world there is no static, everything is movement, perennial flow of life.