Mirto classico da 70 clMirto classico da 70 cl
< class="qodef-m-subtitle" > Our choices < class="qodef-m-title" > Myrtle < class="qodef-m-text-field" > Only Sardinian leaves and berries
Liquore spinoso da 70 clLiquore spinoso da 70 cl
< class="qodef-m-subtitle" > The Classics < class="qodef-m-title" > Liqueurs < class="qodef-m-text-field" > Typical flavours of the area
Crema di liquoreCrema di liquore
< class="qodef-m-subtitle" > For tasting < class="qodef-m-title" > Liqueur Creams < class="qodef-m-text-field" > An enveloping taste
Liquore mirto rosso da 10 clLiquore mirto rosso da 10 cl
< class="qodef-m-subtitle" > Sardinia < class="qodef-m-title" > Le decorate < class="qodef-m-text-field" > Hand-painted bottles

The company history

The right balance of tradition and innovation.

Wild countryside, uncontaminated products, passions that feed on creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, a laboratory…
It was 1986 when Daniele Pingiori realised his passion for commerce by creating his company of typical Sardinian products, combining the art of entrepreneurship with the
passion for local products, in the heart of Cagliari.

In 2016 the company grows: a newfound generation that is the counterpart to the lost one takes the lead. It is the right balance of tradition and innovation. It is a story of young imprint and courage, commitment and passion. It is about combining theory and manual skills, those learned in the field by master craftsmen or in a self-taught way.

The key liqueurs

Pristine and hand-picked raw materials.

Raffaele Muscas for Zelòsu

Liqueur creams

Artisan production, creaminess and flavour


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